This is the most unprofessional, unorganized, and disreputable company I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with.I highly suggest you look elsewhere for whatever it is you may be shopping for.

"Kay" lies about when orders have been shipped (essentially says that they have when they haven't), does not hold up her promised 2-3 week lead time, and is a scam artist. I WILL BE GETTING MY MONEY BACK!!! In the meantime, the bridesmaids have to find another dress mere weeks from the wedding date.

She claims to based out of Singapore, but you would have no way of knowing that from their website.

She also claimed to have been in an "accident" resulting in a trip to the ER which was one of her excuses as to why the dresses haven't shipped yet.Regardless, she is a LIAR!!!

Monetary Loss: $135.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #615069

It seems that this site is full of unsavory reviews for Kinderbliss / Kay Konvertibles, but I will add yet another that actually, surprisingly, did not end in disaster.

I ordered five bridesmaids dresses four months in advance, all black. In order to simplify things, I put the order in myself for all five dresses at once, and just had the girls contribute money for their dresses when they could.

I followed up and followed up and was told they had shipped about 20 days after making the order. Weeks passed, and the dresses were not there. I ended up emailing and emailing, leaving messages through her site, all with the order number AND NO REPLY WHATSOEVER. With two weeks to go before the wedding, we tried our best to scrape together more money for MORE DRESSES and go shopping locally. NO LUCK. There was nothing! And we were mocked by the local stores for putting in an online order (I had tried to find convertible dresses locally as well). Finally, someone there at Kay got back to me and gave me some garbage about a customs delay, and gave me tracking info for a package. Well, I personally went to the fed ex facility to pick it up, and it had ONE dress in it! Obviously, I was frantic at this point, and very angry, so I sent another email and asked what was going on. They lied AGAIN, about the other packages still being on the way but that they would send an additional five to make sure they got there on time. She sent it next day delivery, and I received a...


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Springfield, Missouri, United States #603246

I have been in the same boat.Two of my bridesmaids ordered their dresses on time and got them without a problem.

One did not and we contacted Kay to try to get one ordered since the sit went down. She promised it would be up and running multiple times and it never was. So she said she would sent an invoice through paypal. Did that and took the money out of the account.

This was back in October. Tried and tried to get ahold of her. Three of us have after me treating to post this. She told me give me a day or two and I will let you know what happened to the dress.

I am getting a tracking number. Three days later no response and still no dress to be found.

We are pretty sure this dress is not on its way and this lady has just taken the money.Please do NOT order from her you will be lucky to even get a dress!


I first like to say that I'm running a modest business in Ireland and times are tough enough without €3000 being stolen off me by a company Kay convertibles / Kinderbliss which is a company that was making our convertible bridesmaid dresses directly for us… I had placed an order over a year ago with "Kay" and this order was delayed and delayed yet again...I was lied to many times with statements that my dresses were on route but yet no tracking number only to be told by her sister days later that they weren't even made and that she would get it sorted as soon as possible… months have gone by and both Kay and her sister have not replied to my many mails and have hung up the phone many times on me… needless to say this has really put my business in an awful situation… I was more than patient as I was told that they could not afford to give me my money back but was promised that the dresses would be with me within 3 weeks...

that was 7 months ago. I have never come across such dishonestly and utter disrespect. I think it's only fair for me to make any future customer of theirs aware of this situation as I wouldn't wish this on anybody in business. I now have no choice but to make this a legal matter as I can only assume they aren't packing my order as we speak!!

Months have passed again since I first wrote and needless to say no dresses have arrived...(also PayPal are useless)


I ordered 4 dresses in January of 2012, one was a custom order because I had a bridesmaid who was pregnant. I received 4 convertible dresses, not the custom ordered one (which we spent an extra $40 on). She is a scammer, I never got my money back, and neither paypal, Etsy nor my bank can do anything about it.

AVOID at any cost!

Unfortunately, as they are international, nothing can be done state-side to enforce consequences!


We are in the same boat we ordered one dress that arrived and was faulty but Kay replaced it.We then ordered 5 more dresses in August for my daughter's wedding in December - these have not arrived Kay has told me they have been posted but would not supply a tracking number.

I contacted her to ask where the web site had gone she said she had done something wrong and it would be back up but that has't happened and she is now ignoring my emails.

It is so disappointing that she wont respond and at least let us know that the business is in trouble so we know that we have to try and get dresses from somewhere else.I will also be trying to get my money back


I am sorry to say I am way too familiar with these stories..My kaykatastrophe began when my niece came across this site while looking up bridesmaids dresses for her wedding, she thought it would be nice to have dresses that people would actually wear more than just once for a wedding.

So we all put in our orders months in advance, some of the girls got their dresses no problem, one girl they sent her the wrong size a few weeks before the wedding, and finally after forever of trying to get in touch with these people, they finally responded and sent her the right size. Well after a month n a half of waiting for my dress to come and I finally wrote them and ask if they had shipped it or not because it had been so long, and they never wrote me back so I wait a little longer and message them again and again and again and every few weeks I've message them and till it literally got down to a few days before the wedding and when I get on to message them again and tell them that I was furious, they never responded to one email after they gladly took my money plus the $25 to ship it !!! and I was planning on letting them know that I would be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and that I wanted my money back, I get online to find out that they have shut down the entire site.

So a big thanks to Kay konvertible for stealing my money and leaving me dress less for my nieces wedding with not so much as a heads up to say look we suck we can't handle a business,...

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We are in the same boat. Kay claimed she has been in an accident and she just took the business back from the partner. I have ordered my dresses in May and still haven't been settle.

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